WtD Characters and Cast

Peter BoydDSI Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve) – all episodes

Head of the Cold Case Unit, Boyd is an impulsive, fiery character who is dedicated to the pursuit of justice at almost any cost. Much of his drive to seek out the truth comes from personal trauma – his son ran away from home and then went missing. Previously married, Boyd lives alone. He is protective towards members of his team, and has a complicated, intriguing relationship with Grace – one that doesn’t always run smoothly.

Grace Foley

Doctor Grace Foley (Sue Johnston) – all episodes

Grace is a psychologist who specialises in forensic work, and the CCU’s offender profiler. A highly intelligent woman, Grace previously worked in a secure hospital and has worked with the police at various times since the ’80s. A consultant who works for the Home Office, she is an invaluable member of the team and also Boyd’s unofficial right hand (wo)man, able to say things to him that his junior officers can’t. She often disapproves of his methods, but sees him as a personal friend as well as simply a colleague.

Spencer JordanDS/DI Spencer Jordan (Wil Johnson) – all episodes

Spencer is Boyd’s official second in command, but though loyal he is often critical of his superior. His father left home when he was a boy, and he lost many of his friends when he joined the police. He is often the first to question Boyd’s methods and behaviour and although he is good at his job, he often seems to resent taking orders.

Mel SilverDC/DS Amelia “Mel” Silver (Claire Goose) – S1-4

Feisty enough to question orders she doesn’t agree with, Mel is the team’s youngest member, and Spencer’s work partner. She was removed from her biological mother’s care and adopted as a child, and was then brought up in the Jewish faith.

Frankie WhartonDoctor Frankie Wharton (Holly Aird) – S1-4

Frankie is a forensic scientist, and is in charge of the CCU’s internal laboratory. Her specialism is unclear, but she regularly requests the help of an outside pathologist when dealing with dead bodies. Sometimes outspoken and spiky, Frankie is nonetheless an integral part of the team, and often seems to have a particularly close and humorous rapport with Boyd.

Felix GibsonDoctor Felix Gibson (Esther Hall) – S5

Felix is Frankie’s replacement as the team’s forensic expert. She is just as good at her job, though seems to find it harder to enjoy the same camaraderie as her predecessor. Before joing the CCU, Felix worked at Central Lab for the Forensic Science Service.

Stella GoodmanDC Stella Goodman (Félicité Du Jeu) – S5-7

Stella joins the CCU as Mel’s replacement and is initially resented by Spencer for it. Her father was an English police officer, though she was brought up in France by her French mother. Young and relatively inexperienced with a quick temper, Stella often finds herself assigned to the team’s less exciting and glamorous tasks, which seems to be Boyd’s solution to keeping her out of harm’s way.

Eve LockhartDoctor Eve Lockhart (Tara Fitzgerald) – S6-9

Eve is a forensic pathologist and the successor to Frankie and Felix. She has a Body Farm where she studies the decay and decomposition of human corpses, and has spent time exhuming war graves in Eastern Europe. Eve has a good relationship with all her colleagues, and seems especially close to Grace. (Note: post “Waterloo”, Eve’s character returned in the short-lived WtD spin-off series The Body Farm, produced by Trevor Eve.)

Kat HowardDS Katrina “Kat” Howard (Stacey Roca) – S8

At Boyd’s request, Kat joins the CCU as a direct replacement for Stella. Feisty and with a history of insubordination, Kat is independent and strong-willed. She often speaks without thinking, and isn’t afraid to challenge senior officers.

Sarah CavendishDSI Sarah Cavendish (Eva Birthistle) – S9

Neither Boyd nor Sarah are given a choice about her joining the CCU. An incident whilst serving with counter terrorism has left Sarah with PTSD and a problem with alcohol. The higher echelons at New Scotland Yard decide that the CCU is an ideal posting for her while she receives therapy. The same rank as Boyd, she unwillingly defers to him as head of the unit. Her concerns about his methods are immediate and obvious.