4.2 – False Flag

First broadcast 18/19 July, 2004.

When the body of a suspected terrorist is found in the stolen car of a former Home Secretary, Boyd and his team soon find themselves involved in the shadowy world of the Security Services.

Notable guest stars: Oliver Cotton, Frances de la Tour, Timothy West (father of Samuel West).


The one where… Boyd calls Grace “Gladys”.


7.1 – Missing Persons

First broadcast 14/15 April, 2008.

A Good Samaritan’s DNA turns out to be linked to a burned body in a container yard. The team investigate and discover a powerful link between three women of different nationalities and ideologies.

Notable guest stars: Beatriz Batarda, Justine Mitchell, Michelle Forbes, George Rainsford (as Luke Boyd).


The one where… Sarah appears for the second and final time, Eve tries to give up smoking, and Boyd’s missing son Luke (formerly referred to as Joe) is finally located.

9.4 – Conviction

First broadcast 3/4 April, 2011.

The team investigate the strange death of Karl Barclay, a university student who converted to Islam. Suspecting the involvement of the security services, Sarah meets up with a contact from her days in counter terrorism. When Boyd is abducted, beaten, and left to die in an empty warehouse rigged with explosives, it becomes clear that there are people in high places who don’t want the truth about what really happened to Barclay to be revealed.

Notable guest stars: Don Warrington, Ashley Chin, Clive Wood.


The one where… an angry Boyd headbutts his gloating captor in the face, and more of Sarah’s backstory is revealed after she saves his life.