2.3 – Special Relationship

First broadcast 16/17 September, 2002.

Problems and conspiracy theories abound when the team re-investigate the murder of Katherine Reed, a case previously handled by one of Boyd’s old flames, DI Jess Worrall.

Notable guest stars: Corin Redgrave, Patricia Hodge, Ruth Gemmell.


The one where… Boyd shows off his tap-dancing skills and we meet his ex-girlfriend, Jess Worrall (played by Ruth Gemmell, who appears twice more in later episodes as Linda Cummings).


4.6 – Shadowplay

First broadcast 15/16 August, 2004.

Unaware of the tragedy ahead, the team search for “The Shepherd”, a man who persuades vulnerable women to kill the targets he convinces them are a danger.

Notable guest stars: Paul Kaye, Laurence Penry-Jones.


The one where… Mel meets a grisly end, and Boyd has to go swimming.

5.4 – Straw Dog

First broadcast 9/10 October, 2005.

Grace’s past comes back to haunt her when Tony Greene launches an appeal against his murder conviction – the one she helped secure in the early days of her forensic career.

Notable guest stars: Tom Ellis, Paul Freeman, Angela Bruce.


The one where… the ’80s police investigation is shown in multiple flashbacks, significant details of Grace’s past are revealed including her affair with Harry Taylor, and the team receives a jar full of severed human fingers.

6.6 – Yahrzeit

First broadcast 18/19 February, 2007.

Boyd is sent a dagger from New York, which relates to a case Mel was looking into just before she died. As they investigate a murder from the ’40s, the team are temporarily joined by Sarah, a Mossad agent who tracks Nazi war criminals.

Notable guest stars: Michelle Forbes, Eileen Atkins.


The one where… the wartime plot is shown in black and white flashbacks, and Boyd gets romantically entangled with Sarah.

7.1 – Missing Persons

First broadcast 14/15 April, 2008.

A Good Samaritan’s DNA turns out to be linked to a burned body in a container yard. The team investigate and discover a powerful link between three women of different nationalities and ideologies.

Notable guest stars: Beatriz Batarda, Justine Mitchell, Michelle Forbes, George Rainsford (as Luke Boyd).


The one where… Sarah appears for the second and final time, Eve tries to give up smoking, and Boyd’s missing son Luke (formerly referred to as Joe) is finally located.

8.3 – Substitute

First broadcast 20/21 September, 2009.

Discovering her hydrophobic lover Stefan has multiple passports, Eve becomes suspicious enough to test his DNA and discovers it’s linked to the rape and murder of an aid worker. Initially believing Stefan is involved in people smuggling, the team soon discover the truth is much darker and more terrifying – putting Eve in serious danger.

Notable guest stars: Joseph Mawle, Nigel Lindsay.


The one where… despite uncovering an illegal human organ harvesting business, the team ultimately don’t have the physical evidence required to charge Stefan… so Boyd leaves him to face rough justice from the criminal colleagues he betrayed. Also, Game of Thrones fans are free to squee over Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle) getting far too friendly with Selyse Baratheon (Tara Fitzgerald).

9.3 – Solidarity

First broadcast 27/28 March, 2011.

When the body of Piers Kennedy, an ex-serviceman turned peace campaigner, is found in the sewers close to the Houses of Parliament, Boyd is quickly visited by MI5. He is warned not to share classified information with Grace, who was once on a government watch list. Things get more complicated when it seems that one of her former lovers, Murray Stuart, was somehow involved in the events that culminated in Kennedy’s disappearance.

Notable guest stars: John McArdle, Jack Shepherd, Penny Downie.


The one where… Grace’s activist past is revealed, she gets injured going to meet Murray at Boyd’s insistence, and new team member Sarah Cavendish sets Boyd’s downfall in motion.