1.3 – A Simple Sacrifice

First broadcast 2/3 July, 2001.

If Annie Keel is innocent, why did she plead guilty to murder, and who’s the real killer?

Notable guest stars: Harriet Walter, Lynda Bellingham, Anthony Valentine.

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The one where… Boyd is stabbed.


2.2 – Deathwatch

First broadcast 9/10 September, 2002.

The murder of an old man in a care home leads the team into a dangerous investigation into events following the trial and execution of a notorious 1960’s London gangster.

Notable guest stars: Warren Mitchell, Ronald Pickup.


The one where… Grace is attacked in her own home – on her birthday.

4.4 – Anger Management

First broadcast 1/2 August, 2004.

Boyd attends anger management sessions whilst simultaneously, with the team, investigating a murder which is connected by the pistol used to many other killings stretching back decades.

Notable guest stars: Nigel Terry, TP McKenna.


The one where… Boyd learns to quote The Tempest when he’s stressed… and then gets punched in the face.


5.2 – Black Run

First broadcast 25/26 September, 2005.

The team reinvestigate the case of Eddie Vine, an imprisoned ex-police officer Boyd arrested for murder. As suspicions start to rise in the team, Boyd himself is arrested for a crime he has no memory of committing…

Notable guest stars: David Hayman, Diane Parish, Connor McIntyre.


The one where… Boyd gets kicked in the head, and then has his drink spiked with a date rape drug.

5.6 – Cold Fusion

First broadcast 23/24 October, 2005.

When new evidence connected to the 1988 Cherry Tree Farm murders comes to light, both Spencer’s prior involvement and the close connection of one member of the CCU team to Commander Will Drake of the ATO make reinvestigating the case a very dangerous gamble.

Notable guest stars: David Calder, Mark Lewis Jones.


The one where… Felix is injured when a bomb goes off in the CCU’s squad room, and Spencer gets shot.

6.4 – Mask of Sanity

First broadcast 28/29 January, 2007.

James Jenson has been released from prison, and the team hurriedly try to determine if he’s a dangerous serial killer, or merely an unlucky scapegoat who’s always been a victim.

Notable guest stars: Nicholas Beveney, James Fox, Jemma Redgrave.


The one where… the team investigate historical abuse at a children’s home, Spencer gets beaten up, and Boyd fails at CPR.

6.5 – Double Bind

First broadcast 4/5 February, 2007.

When Daniel Lennon absconds from a secure hospital and reveals the location of the body of a man killed in 1967, the team find themselves investigating both his original crimes and a ’60s hippie therapeutic community overseen by Dr Raymond Parke.

Notable guest stars: Miles Anderson, Jill Baker, Richard Johnson.


The one where… Boyd and Grace have a huge argument that leads to the latter temporarily leaving the unit, Boyd gets stabbed in the hand with a pen, and there are lots of flashbacks to the ’60s.