4.6 – Shadowplay

First broadcast 15/16 August, 2004.

Unaware of the tragedy ahead, the team search for “The Shepherd”, a man who persuades vulnerable women to kill the targets he convinces them are a danger.

Notable guest stars: Paul Kaye, Laurence Penry-Jones.


The one where… Mel meets a grisly end, and Boyd has to go swimming.


8.1 – Magdalene 26

First broadcast 6/7 September, 2009.

The DNA of a woman found wandering naked and amnesiac is linked to a ’60s crime scene, but when the team investigate they discover the situation is far more complex than it first appears.

Notable guest stars: Sharon Maughan, Stacey Roca, Bosco Hogan.


The one where… Sharon Maughan (aka Mrs Trevor Eve) plays the dual roles of twins Michelle and Elizabeth, the CCU moves headquarters, Kat Howard makes her first appearance, and Stella is shot in the leg…  and later dies from a thrombosis.

9.5 – Waterloo

First broadcast 10/11 April, 2011.

When Boyd is told he is being removed from the CCU, he decides to take on the unsolved disappearance of a group homeless boys as his last case. As the investigation gets underway, a serious threat to both Boyd and Sarah slowly emerges. Final WtD story.

Notable guest stars: Paul McGann, David Bradley.


The one where… Boyd is told he’s being given a teaching post at Hendon, finds out Sarah betrayed him, beats up a suspect, takes Grace and Spencer home to his house, gets arrested, and finally leaves Nicholson to face rough justice. Also, Boyd’s remote control plane from Towers of Silence makes a guest appearance. Oh, and Sarah dies.