1.4 – Every Breath You Take

First broadcast 9/10 July, 2001.

When missing police officer Debbie Britten’s body is found in the Thames, the search to find her killer begins.

Notable guest stars: Lee Ross, Tessa Peake Jones, Thomas Lockyer.


The one where… Boyd celebrates his birthday, and later tells Grace how he met the woman he married.


2.2 – Deathwatch

First broadcast 9/10 September, 2002.

The murder of an old man in a care home leads the team into a dangerous investigation into events following the trial and execution of a notorious 1960’s London gangster.

Notable guest stars: Warren Mitchell, Ronald Pickup.


The one where… Grace is attacked in her own home – on her birthday.

5.6 – Cold Fusion

First broadcast 23/24 October, 2005.

When new evidence connected to the 1988 Cherry Tree Farm murders comes to light, both Spencer’s prior involvement and the close connection of one member of the CCU team to Commander Will Drake of the ATO make reinvestigating the case a very dangerous gamble.

Notable guest stars: David Calder, Mark Lewis Jones.


The one where… Felix is injured when a bomb goes off in the CCU’s squad room, and Spencer gets shot.