6.1 – Wren Boys

First broadcast 7/8 January, 2007.

The team investigate the connection between a badly-beaten man abandoned at a hospital, and a young man who drowned in concrete sixteen years previously.

Notable guest stars: Tony Scannell, Daragh O’Malley, Gabrielle Reidy.


The one where… Eve replaces Felix, and the team investigate prize-fighting, suspicious nuns, and two families of Irish travellers.


6.2 – Deus Ex Machina

First broadcast 14/15 January, 2007.

Trying to avoid a diplomatic incident, the Foreign Office task the CCU with finding the skull of the Mahdi, which was taken as a war trophy in the 19th century. In a parallel investigation, the team try to identify the murderer of Omar Jaffiri, who was allegedly tortured on behalf of the British security services.

Notable guest stars: Graham Crowden.


The one where… everyone spends an awful lot of time looking at skulls.


6.3 – The Fall

First broadcast 21/22 January, 2007.

The discovery of a pair of sexually conjoined skeletons killed by a single gunshot leads the CCU both to Dublin, and into the shadowy world of banking and Opus Dei.

Notable guest stars: Peter Capaldi, Terence Harvey, Catherine Walker.


The one where… Boyd takes a shine to journalist Lisa Tobin, and Peter “Doctor Who” Capaldi’s character takes an unhealthy interest in Boyd and Grace.

6.4 – Mask of Sanity

First broadcast 28/29 January, 2007.

James Jenson has been released from prison, and the team hurriedly try to determine if he’s a dangerous serial killer, or merely an unlucky scapegoat who’s always been a victim.

Notable guest stars: Nicholas Beveney, James Fox, Jemma Redgrave.


The one where… the team investigate historical abuse at a children’s home, Spencer gets beaten up, and Boyd fails at CPR.

6.5 – Double Bind

First broadcast 4/5 February, 2007.

When Daniel Lennon absconds from a secure hospital and reveals the location of the body of a man killed in 1967, the team find themselves investigating both his original crimes and a ’60s hippie therapeutic community overseen by Dr Raymond Parke.

Notable guest stars: Miles Anderson, Jill Baker, Richard Johnson.


The one where… Boyd and Grace have a huge argument that leads to the latter temporarily leaving the unit, Boyd gets stabbed in the hand with a pen, and there are lots of flashbacks to the ’60s.

6.6 – Yahrzeit

First broadcast 18/19 February, 2007.

Boyd is sent a dagger from New York, which relates to a case Mel was looking into just before she died. As they investigate a murder from the ’40s, the team are temporarily joined by Sarah, a Mossad agent who tracks Nazi war criminals.

Notable guest stars: Michelle Forbes, Eileen Atkins.


The one where… the wartime plot is shown in black and white flashbacks, and Boyd gets romantically entangled with Sarah.