4.1 – In Sight of the Lord

First broadcast 11/12 July, 2004.

The team hunt for an enduring serial killer with a particularly macabre method of dispatching his victims – hammering a nine inch nail through their skulls.

Notable guest stars: Michael Byrne, Geoffrey Bayldon, Clive Wood.


The one where… Boyd makes that joke about nine inches meaning a lot to a guy.


4.2 – False Flag

First broadcast 18/19 July, 2004.

When the body of a suspected terrorist is found in the stolen car of a former Home Secretary, Boyd and his team soon find themselves involved in the shadowy world of the Security Services.

Notable guest stars: Oliver Cotton, Frances de la Tour, Timothy West (father of Samuel West).


The one where… Boyd calls Grace “Gladys”.

4.3 – Fugue States

First broadcast 25/26 July, 2004.

The Murphy twins went missing in 1988, and when one is found suffering from amnesia, the team investigate their original disappearance – a case that proves to be distressing for Mel.

Notable guest stars: Sean McGinley,  Joe Armstrong.


The one where… we find out that Mel was removed from her birth mother by Social Services and then adopted.

4.4 – Anger Management

First broadcast 1/2 August, 2004.

Boyd attends anger management sessions whilst simultaneously, with the team, investigating a murder which is connected by the pistol used to many other killings stretching back decades.

Notable guest stars: Nigel Terry, TP McKenna.


The one where… Boyd learns to quote The Tempest when he’s stressed… and then gets punched in the face.


4.5 – The Hardest Word

First broadcast 8/9 August, 2004.

Boyd’s team combine with another police unit to search for a serial killer who carves the word “sorry” into the backs of his victims.

Notable guest stars: Phil Daniels, Julian Glover, Emma Fielding, James Dreyfus.


The one where… Grace quietly seethes when Boyd takes a shine to the other team’s (younger) offender profiler.

4.6 – Shadowplay

First broadcast 15/16 August, 2004.

Unaware of the tragedy ahead, the team search for “The Shepherd”, a man who persuades vulnerable women to kill the targets he convinces them are a danger.

Notable guest stars: Paul Kaye, Laurence Penry-Jones.


The one where… Mel meets a grisly end, and Boyd has to go swimming.