2.1 – Life Sentence

First broadcast 2/3 September, 2002.

Clare Delaney is the only surviving victim of incarcerated serial killer Thomas “The Gambler” Rice, but did he have an accomplice, or is someone now emulating him?

Notable guest stars: Samuel West (son of Timothy West).

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The one where… Mel is attacked by Thomas Rice, and the team discover Boyd was involved in Rice’s original case when he was still a Detective Sergeant.


2.2 – Deathwatch

First broadcast 9/10 September, 2002.

The murder of an old man in a care home leads the team into a dangerous investigation into events following the trial and execution of a notorious 1960’s London gangster.

Notable guest stars: Warren Mitchell, Ronald Pickup.


The one where… Grace is attacked in her own home – on her birthday.

2.3 – Special Relationship

First broadcast 16/17 September, 2002.

Problems and conspiracy theories abound when the team re-investigate the murder of Katherine Reed, a case previously handled by one of Boyd’s old flames, DI Jess Worrall.

Notable guest stars: Corin Redgrave, Patricia Hodge, Ruth Gemmell.


The one where… Boyd shows off his tap-dancing skills and we meet his ex-girlfriend, Jess Worrall (played by Ruth Gemmell, who appears twice more in later episodes as Linda Cummings).

2.4 – Thin Air

First broadcast 3/4 November, 2002.

Joanna Gold disappeared in 1989, and when fresh evidence is discovered leading to a new police investigation, dark family secrets are also revealed.

Notable guest stars: Roger Allam, Cherie Lunghi, Sophie Winkleman.


The one where… Boyd and Spencer play squash, and we discover Spencer was a party animal in back the ’90s.