1.0 – Pilot

First broadcast 4/5 September, 2000.

A young girl disappears in a chilling echo of an earlier abduction and murder.

Notable guest stars: Finbar Lynch, Amelia Warner, Adie Allen.


The one where… Boyd is a DCI not a DSI, and has a wife, Jenny Boyd, and a young son, Matt Boyd. The pilot was a one-off drama – “Waking the Dead” – that was picked to become a series.


1.1 – Burn Out

First broadcast 18/19 June, 2001.

Boyd encounters a young woman who refuses to believe that her father died accidentally in a car fire.

Notable guest stars: Angela Griffin, Clive Russell.


The one where… Boyd’s missing son, Joe (later renamed Luke), is first referenced.

1.4 – Every Breath You Take

First broadcast 9/10 July, 2001.

When missing police officer Debbie Britten’s body is found in the Thames, the search to find her killer begins.

Notable guest stars: Lee Ross, Tessa Peake Jones, Thomas Lockyer.


The one where… Boyd celebrates his birthday, and later tells Grace how he met the woman he married.