2.1 – Life Sentence

First broadcast 2/3 September, 2002.

Clare Delaney is the only surviving victim of incarcerated serial killer Thomas “The Gambler” Rice, but did he have an accomplice, or is someone now emulating him?

Notable guest stars: Samuel West (son of Timothy West).

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The one where… Mel is attacked by Thomas Rice, and the team discover Boyd was involved in Rice’s original case when he was still a Detective Sergeant.


4.1 – In Sight of the Lord

First broadcast 11/12 July, 2004.

The team hunt for an enduring serial killer with a particularly macabre method of dispatching his victims – hammering a nine inch nail through their skulls.

Notable guest stars: Michael Byrne, Geoffrey Bayldon, Clive Wood.


The one where… Boyd makes that joke about nine inches meaning a lot to a guy.

4.5 – The Hardest Word

First broadcast 8/9 August, 2004.

Boyd’s team combine with another police unit to search for a serial killer who carves the word “sorry” into the backs of his victims.

Notable guest stars: Phil Daniels, Julian Glover, Emma Fielding, James Dreyfus.


The one where… Grace quietly seethes when Boyd takes a shine to the other team’s (younger) offender profiler.

5.4 – Straw Dog

First broadcast 9/10 October, 2005.

Grace’s past comes back to haunt her when Tony Greene launches an appeal against his murder conviction – the one she helped secure in the early days of her forensic career.

Notable guest stars: Tom Ellis, Paul Freeman, Angela Bruce.


The one where… the ’80s police investigation is shown in multiple flashbacks, significant details of Grace’s past are revealed including her affair with Harry Taylor, and the team receives a jar full of severed human fingers.

7.2 – Sins

First broadcast 21/22 April, 2008.

After the missing skull of a decapitated prison governor is found, the team find themselves investigating multiple connected murders just as their principle suspect absconds during a trip to hospital.

Notable guest stars: Ruth Gemmell, David Schofield, Michael Maloney.


The one where… Boyd is briefly reunited with his son in shocking circumstances and Linda Cummings (played by Ruth Gemmell, previously seen as Boyd’s ex in Special Relationship) makes her first appearance.

9.5 – Waterloo

First broadcast 10/11 April, 2011.

When Boyd is told he is being removed from the CCU, he decides to take on the unsolved disappearance of a group homeless boys as his last case. As the investigation gets underway, a serious threat to both Boyd and Sarah slowly emerges. Final WtD story.

Notable guest stars: Paul McGann, David Bradley.


The one where… Boyd is told he’s being given a teaching post at Hendon, finds out Sarah betrayed him, beats up a suspect, takes Grace and Spencer home to his house, gets arrested, and finally leaves Nicholson to face rough justice. Also, Boyd’s remote control plane from Towers of Silence makes a guest appearance. Oh, and Sarah dies.