2.2 – Deathwatch

First broadcast 9/10 September, 2002.

The murder of an old man in a care home leads the team into a dangerous investigation into events following the trial and execution of a notorious 1960’s London gangster.

Notable guest stars: Warren Mitchell, Ronald Pickup.


The one where… Grace is attacked in her own home – on her birthday.


3.4 – Final Cut

First broadcast 5/6 October, 2003.

Four bodies are found in a house Spencer used to live in as a child. As the team investigate, family secrets are revealed alongside evidence of gangland violence.

Notable guest stars: Ken Russell, Maurice Roëves, Nicholas Beveney.


The one where… Spencer is reunited with the father he hasn’t seen since he was a boy.

4.4 – Anger Management

First broadcast 1/2 August, 2004.

Boyd attends anger management sessions whilst simultaneously, with the team, investigating a murder which is connected by the pistol used to many other killings stretching back decades.

Notable guest stars: Nigel Terry, TP McKenna.


The one where… Boyd learns to quote The Tempest when he’s stressed… and then gets punched in the face.


4.5 – The Hardest Word

First broadcast 8/9 August, 2004.

Boyd’s team combine with another police unit to search for a serial killer who carves the word “sorry” into the backs of his victims.

Notable guest stars: Phil Daniels, Julian Glover, Emma Fielding, James Dreyfus.


The one where… Grace quietly seethes when Boyd takes a shine to the other team’s (younger) offender profiler.

5.1 – Towers of Silence

First broadcast 18/19 September, 2005.

Still reeling from the loss of Mel and Frankie, what’s left of the team investigates the link between a desiccated corpse found on a scrapped plane, a mutilated body found in Kent, and a robbery at Heathrow Airport.

Notable guest stars: Nina Wadia, David Walliams, Georgia MacKenzie.


The one where… Boyd buys a big model aeroplane (that appears again in the last ever episode, Waterloo).

8.1 – Magdalene 26

First broadcast 6/7 September, 2009.

The DNA of a woman found wandering naked and amnesiac is linked to a ’60s crime scene, but when the team investigate they discover the situation is far more complex than it first appears.

Notable guest stars: Sharon Maughan, Stacey Roca, Bosco Hogan.


The one where… Sharon Maughan (aka Mrs Trevor Eve) plays the dual roles of twins Michelle and Elizabeth, the CCU moves headquarters, Kat Howard makes her first appearance, and Stella is shot in the leg…  and later dies from a thrombosis.

8.3 – Substitute

First broadcast 20/21 September, 2009.

Discovering her hydrophobic lover Stefan has multiple passports, Eve becomes suspicious enough to test his DNA and discovers it’s linked to the rape and murder of an aid worker. Initially believing Stefan is involved in people smuggling, the team soon discover the truth is much darker and more terrifying – putting Eve in serious danger.

Notable guest stars: Joseph Mawle, Nigel Lindsay.


The one where… despite uncovering an illegal human organ harvesting business, the team ultimately don’t have the physical evidence required to charge Stefan… so Boyd leaves him to face rough justice from the criminal colleagues he betrayed. Also, Game of Thrones fans are free to squee over Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle) getting far too friendly with Selyse Baratheon (Tara Fitzgerald).