5.1 – Towers of Silence

First broadcast 18/19 September, 2005.

Still reeling from the loss of Mel and Frankie, what’s left of the team investigates the link between a desiccated corpse found on a scrapped plane, a mutilated body found in Kent, and a robbery at Heathrow Airport.

Notable guest stars: Nina Wadia, David Walliams, Georgia MacKenzie.


The one where… Boyd buys a big model aeroplane (that appears again in the last ever episode, Waterloo).


5.2 – Black Run

First broadcast 25/26 September, 2005.

The team reinvestigate the case of Eddie Vine, an imprisoned ex-police officer Boyd arrested for murder. As suspicions start to rise in the team, Boyd himself is arrested for a crime he has no memory of committing…

Notable guest stars: David Hayman, Diane Parish, Connor McIntyre.


The one where… Boyd gets kicked in the head, and then has his drink spiked with a date rape drug.

6.1 – Wren Boys

First broadcast 7/8 January, 2007.

The team investigate the connection between a badly-beaten man abandoned at a hospital, and a young man who drowned in concrete sixteen years previously.

Notable guest stars: Tony Scannell, Daragh O’Malley, Gabrielle Reidy.


The one where… Eve replaces Felix, and the team investigate prize-fighting, suspicious nuns, and two families of Irish travellers.

8.2 – End of the Night

First broadcast 13/14 September, 2009.

Boyd re-opens the Gemma Morrison case after the woman herself attempts to commit suicide. Gemma was raped and her younger brother was murdered by two men working together as a team, and when one is identified, it doesn’t take long to find the other. When the investigation is interrupted, however, Gemma takes matters into her own hands…

Notable guest stars: Michelle Dockery, Ian Mercer, Rory Kinnear.


The one where… Kat Howard joins the team to replace Stella Goodman.

9.1 – Harbinger

First broadcast 13/14 March, 2011.

DSI Sarah Cavendish is ordered to join the CCU just in time to help investigate the disappearance of banker Donald Rees, whose wife Julie apparently has cancer. The team soon develop suspicions about her, however, as her behaviour points towards both Munchausen’s syndrome and Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, the latter potentially endangering her children.

Notable guest stars: Charles Edwards, Sinead Michael, Graham Turner.


The one where… Boyd is summoned to New Scotland Yard to be told Sarah Cavendish is joining his unit, Julie Rees fakes illness in herself and her children to gain attention, and a young female police officer is burned to death.