7.1 – Missing Persons

First broadcast 14/15 April, 2008.

A Good Samaritan’s DNA turns out to be linked to a burned body in a container yard. The team investigate and discover a powerful link between three women of different nationalities and ideologies.

Notable guest stars: Beatriz Batarda, Justine Mitchell, Michelle Forbes, George Rainsford (as Luke Boyd).


The one where… Sarah appears for the second and final time, Eve tries to give up smoking, and Boyd’s missing son Luke (formerly referred to as Joe) is finally located.


7.2 – Sins

First broadcast 21/22 April, 2008.

After the missing skull of a decapitated prison governor is found, the team find themselves investigating multiple connected murders just as their principle suspect absconds during a trip to hospital.

Notable guest stars: Ruth Gemmell, David Schofield, Michael Maloney.


The one where… Boyd is briefly reunited with his son in shocking circumstances and Linda Cummings (played by Ruth Gemmell, previously seen as Boyd’s ex in Special Relationship) makes her first appearance.

7.3 – Duty and Honour

First broadcast 28/29 April, 2008.

The discovery of a decomposed human hand leads to the reinvestigation of an unsolved murder. The victim is identified as a soldier, and the team suspect his killer is, too, but the actual motive for his murder is unclear.

Notable guest stars: Jamie Sives, Nicholas Farrell, Rupert Graves.


The one where… Boyd receives a drawing in the post from his estranged son, Luke, and gets punched in the stomach by an ex-army officer.

7.4 – Skin

First broadcast 5/6 May, 2008.

The mummified body of what initially appears to be a skinhead is found, but as the investigation progresses it becomes clear he was not what he seemed. The team continue to concentrate on his apparent right wing political connections as the true reason for his murder unfolds.

Notable guest stars: Philip Whitchurch, Jo Woodcock, Russell Boulter.


The one where… Stella worries about HIV after assaulting a suspect with AIDS and Boyd (hypocritically) reprimands her for her conduct. Boyd is briefly reunited with his homeless, drug-addicted son, who begs to be released from the secure psychiatric unit his father has committed him to.

7.5 – Wounds

First broadcast 12/13 May, 2008.

A corpse discovered sitting up in underground tunnels is identified as Christopher Deardon, who apparently disappeared while abroad. His killing appears ritualistic, and as the team investigate his devastated son struggles to come to terms with the truth about his father.

Notable guest stars: Ian Dunn, Robert Boulter.


The one where… a group of men go on a “male bonding” weekend that ends in tragedy, Native American rituals are referenced, and Eve has to tell Boyd that his son Luke has been found dead following a drugs overdose.

7.6 – Pieta

First broadcast 19/20 May, 2008.

The team investigate the connection between a stolen container of pure, uncut heroin and a war crime committed in Bosnia in the early ’90s.

Notable guest stars: Anna Madeley, Ron Cook.


The one where… “Hunny”, the kid from the container yard (“Missing Persons”), makes her second appearance, and after Eve tells Grace that Luke’s dead, Boyd finally goes to the mortuary to see his body.

8.4 – Endgame

First broadcast 27/28 September, 2009.

Boyd’s old adversary Linda Cummings sends him a gift from the secure hospital where she is incarcerated – a severed human finger. With Spencer having moved to CID and Grace apparently away at a conference, the depleted team attempt to investigate a possible murder without allowing themselves to be manipulated by the ever-cunning Linda.

Notable guest stars: Ruth Gemmell, Gina McKee, Alexander Siddig, Barbara Marten.


The one where… Ruth Gemmell makes her third WtD appearance (her second as Linda Cummings), Spencer temporarily leaves the team, Grace quietly takes herself off to hospital for an operation and possible chemotherapy but is then abducted by Linda, and Boyd offers to sacrifice his own life to save Grace’s.