3.2 – Walking On Water

First broadcast 21/22 September, 2003.

When Mark Lovell (a.k.a. “Maria”) is cleared of his stepfather’s murder and released from prison, Boyd and his team go in search of the family’s missing fishing boat in the hope of identifying the real killer.

Notable guest stars: Craig Kelly, Trevor Peacock.


The one where… Boyd and Mel nearly drown.


3.4 – Final Cut

First broadcast 5/6 October, 2003.

Four bodies are found in a house Spencer used to live in as a child. As the team investigate, family secrets are revealed alongside evidence of gangland violence.

Notable guest stars: Ken Russell, Maurice Roëves, Nicholas Beveney.


The one where… Spencer is reunited with the father he hasn’t seen since he was a boy.

5.1 – Towers of Silence

First broadcast 18/19 September, 2005.

Still reeling from the loss of Mel and Frankie, what’s left of the team investigates the link between a desiccated corpse found on a scrapped plane, a mutilated body found in Kent, and a robbery at Heathrow Airport.

Notable guest stars: Nina Wadia, David Walliams, Georgia MacKenzie.


The one where… Boyd buys a big model aeroplane (that appears again in the last ever episode, Waterloo).

7.6 – Pieta

First broadcast 19/20 May, 2008.

The team investigate the connection between a stolen container of pure, uncut heroin and a war crime committed in Bosnia in the early ’90s.

Notable guest stars: Anna Madeley, Ron Cook.


The one where… “Hunny”, the kid from the container yard (“Missing Persons”), makes her second appearance, and after Eve tells Grace that Luke’s dead, Boyd finally goes to the mortuary to see his body.