3.3 – Breaking Glass

First broadcast 27/25 September, 2003.

A modern skeleton found during an archaeological dig prompts an investigation into the historical sexual abuse of boys in a care home. The team aren’t the only ones trying to find the man known as “Papa Doc”, however…

Notable guest stars: Charlie Creed-Miles, Ian Hogg, Tom Bell.


The one where… Grace has a “gentleman friend”, Alan Macintosh.


4.3 – Fugue States

First broadcast 25/26 July, 2004.

The Murphy twins went missing in 1988, and when one is found suffering from amnesia, the team investigate their original disappearance – a case that proves to be distressing for Mel.

Notable guest stars: Sean McGinley,  Joe Armstrong.


The one where… we find out that Mel was removed from her birth mother by Social Services and then adopted.

4.5 – The Hardest Word

First broadcast 8/9 August, 2004.

Boyd’s team combine with another police unit to search for a serial killer who carves the word “sorry” into the backs of his victims.

Notable guest stars: Phil Daniels, Julian Glover, Emma Fielding, James Dreyfus.


The one where… Grace quietly seethes when Boyd takes a shine to the other team’s (younger) offender profiler.

6.4 – Mask of Sanity

First broadcast 28/29 January, 2007.

James Jenson has been released from prison, and the team hurriedly try to determine if he’s a dangerous serial killer, or merely an unlucky scapegoat who’s always been a victim.

Notable guest stars: Nicholas Beveney, James Fox, Jemma Redgrave.


The one where… the team investigate historical abuse at a children’s home, Spencer gets beaten up, and Boyd fails at CPR.

9.1 – Harbinger

First broadcast 13/14 March, 2011.

DSI Sarah Cavendish is ordered to join the CCU just in time to help investigate the disappearance of banker Donald Rees, whose wife Julie apparently has cancer. The team soon develop suspicions about her, however, as her behaviour points towards both Munchausen’s syndrome and Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, the latter potentially endangering her children.

Notable guest stars: Charles Edwards, Sinead Michael, Graham Turner.


The one where… Boyd is summoned to New Scotland Yard to be told Sarah Cavendish is joining his unit, Julie Rees fakes illness in herself and her children to gain attention, and a young female police officer is burned to death.

9.2 – Care

First broadcast 20/21 March, 2011.

“The Bag Man’s here. He’s always there. You say a word, think a word, he’ll come for you. He’ll come for you. He’ll come for your eyes.”

When the burned body of Claire Somers, missing since childhood, is found with its eyes gouged out, the team find themselves investigating a web of connections surrounding prostitution, the Harding family… and a presumably imaginary bogeyman called “The Bag Man”.

Notable guest stars: Alice Krige, Steve John Shepherd, Nicholas Jones.


The one where… a family of adopted children are bound together by past secrets, and the Bag Man pops up periodically through both episodes to scare the poor audience sh*tless.