9.2 – Care

First broadcast 20/21 March, 2011.

“The Bag Man’s here. He’s always there. You say a word, think a word, he’ll come for you. He’ll come for you. He’ll come for your eyes.”

When the burned body of Claire Somers, missing since childhood, is found with its eyes gouged out, the team find themselves investigating a web of connections surrounding prostitution, the Harding family… and a presumably imaginary bogeyman called “The Bag Man”.

Notable guest stars: Alice Krige, Steve John Shepherd, Nicholas Jones.


The one where… a family of adopted children are bound together by past secrets, and the Bag Man pops up periodically through both episodes to scare the poor audience sh*tless.



9.3 – Solidarity

First broadcast 27/28 March, 2011.

When the body of Piers Kennedy, an ex-serviceman turned peace campaigner, is found in the sewers close to the Houses of Parliament, Boyd is quickly visited by MI5. He is warned not to share classified information with Grace, who was once on a government watch list. Things get more complicated when it seems that one of her former lovers, Murray Stuart, was somehow involved in the events that culminated in Kennedy’s disappearance.

Notable guest stars: John McArdle, Jack Shepherd, Penny Downie.


The one where… Grace’s activist past is revealed, she gets injured going to meet Murray at Boyd’s insistence, and new team member Sarah Cavendish sets Boyd’s downfall in motion.

9.4 – Conviction

First broadcast 3/4 April, 2011.

The team investigate the strange death of Karl Barclay, a university student who converted to Islam. Suspecting the involvement of the security services, Sarah meets up with a contact from her days in counter terrorism. When Boyd is abducted, beaten, and left to die in an empty warehouse rigged with explosives, it becomes clear that there are people in high places who don’t want the truth about what really happened to Barclay to be revealed.

Notable guest stars: Don Warrington, Ashley Chin, Clive Wood.


The one where… an angry Boyd headbutts his gloating captor in the face, and more of Sarah’s backstory is revealed after she saves his life.

9.5 – Waterloo

First broadcast 10/11 April, 2011.

When Boyd is told he is being removed from the CCU, he decides to take on the unsolved disappearance of a group homeless boys as his last case. As the investigation gets underway, a serious threat to both Boyd and Sarah slowly emerges. Final WtD story.

Notable guest stars: Paul McGann, David Bradley.


The one where… Boyd is told he’s being given a teaching post at Hendon, finds out Sarah betrayed him, beats up a suspect, takes Grace and Spencer home to his house, gets arrested, and finally leaves Nicholson to face rough justice. Also, Boyd’s remote control plane from Towers of Silence makes a guest appearance. Oh, and Sarah dies.