2.3 – Special Relationship

First broadcast 16/17 September, 2002.

Problems and conspiracy theories abound when the team re-investigate the murder of Katherine Reed, a case previously handled by one of Boyd’s old flames, DI Jess Worrall.

Notable guest stars: Corin Redgrave, Patricia Hodge, Ruth Gemmell.


The one where… Boyd shows off his tap-dancing skills and we meet his ex-girlfriend, Jess Worrall (played by Ruth Gemmell, who appears twice more in later episodes as Linda Cummings).


2.4 – Thin Air

First broadcast 3/4 November, 2002.

Joanna Gold disappeared in 1989, and when fresh evidence is discovered leading to a new police investigation, dark family secrets are also revealed.

Notable guest stars: Roger Allam, Cherie Lunghi, Sophie Winkleman.


The one where… Boyd and Spencer play squash, and we discover Spencer was a party animal in back the ’90s.

3.1 – Multistorey

First broadcast 14/15 September, 2003.

A gun connected to the Whitewater massacre is found on waste ground, leading to a new investigation, but one of the victims, Nick Patterson, was an old friend of Boyd’s…

Notable guest stars: Jason Hughes, Robert Pugh, Sean Pertwee.


The one where… Boyd punches DS Ben Jones from Midsomer Murders (Jason Hughes, playing Andrew Cross).

3.2 – Walking On Water

First broadcast 21/22 September, 2003.

When Mark Lovell (a.k.a. “Maria”) is cleared of his stepfather’s murder and released from prison, Boyd and his team go in search of the family’s missing fishing boat in the hope of identifying the real killer.

Notable guest stars: Craig Kelly, Trevor Peacock.


The one where… Boyd and Mel nearly drown.

3.3 – Breaking Glass

First broadcast 27/25 September, 2003.

A modern skeleton found during an archaeological dig prompts an investigation into the historical sexual abuse of boys in a care home. The team aren’t the only ones trying to find the man known as “Papa Doc”, however…

Notable guest stars: Charlie Creed-Miles, Ian Hogg, Tom Bell.


The one where… Grace has a “gentleman friend”, Alan Macintosh.

3.4 – Final Cut

First broadcast 5/6 October, 2003.

Four bodies are found in a house Spencer used to live in as a child. As the team investigate, family secrets are revealed alongside evidence of gangland violence.

Notable guest stars: Ken Russell, Maurice Roëves, Nicholas Beveney.


The one where… Spencer is reunited with the father he hasn’t seen since he was a boy.

4.1 – In Sight of the Lord

First broadcast 11/12 July, 2004.

The team hunt for an enduring serial killer with a particularly macabre method of dispatching his victims – hammering a nine inch nail through their skulls.

Notable guest stars: Michael Byrne, Geoffrey Bayldon, Clive Wood.


The one where… Boyd makes that joke about nine inches meaning a lot to a guy.